ARC Review: Verona Comics

Verona Comics

I want to warn you right now: the cover is AH-MAZING and gives swoony, light and fluffy feels but that’s misleading. I was expecting a light, romcom type read but this it was so heavy at the same time. Do not get me wrong – I LOVED THIS STORY. I just did not expect my feels to be crushed the way that they were. I was tearing through this book, reading well past my bedtime, simply because I was far too invested in Ridley & Jubilee.

This story seemed to have so many elements that worked together beautifully: mental illness, violence, LGBTQIA rep, POC, abuse, and more. While those are all very sensitive and relevant topics, they were handled with the utmost care. Dugan did not add them to the story simple for the sake of jolt, they were added for a reason. They all had a place in this story and they were discussed the way they should always be – with tender loving care. They were addressed and explained. I cannot applaud Dugan enough for that.

Jubilee and Ridley have earned their place in my ship hall of fame. The banter between them was carefree, easy going, natural, and believable. I adored them so much it made my heart swell. Both characters felt complex, developed, and had the most beautiful growth throughout the story. I will admit there were times when Ridley’s thought process made me twitch, but it wasn’t anything I could really be mad at. That was part of his character and it was part of his mental illness. I realized I was reacting the way I was because I knew nothing of his mental illness. Thankfully Dugan did a remarkable job of bringing me into his world and I could see things through his eyes. That made all the difference. And Jubilee cannot be overlooked! She was such a strong character! That girl knew who she was, where she came from, and what she stood for. I loved that about her. Put that with the sweet Ridley who was battling some horrific demons and you’ve got a powerhouse of a ship.

If you have not already read this – what are you waiting for? This is one you really don’t want to miss out on. This is one story I will not soon forget. I will also push everyone to read it because their story needs to be read by everyone.

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