Book Review: Forged in Fire and Stars

Forged in Fire and Stars (Forged in Fire and Stars, #1)

I was excited to continue this series as I enjoyed the first book but this just did not live up to my expectations.

The first thing that stood out to me was that we were given a new character, Ara, and told she is important. That’s fine but we were not given any time to get to know her. How can I care about a character I know nothing about? Show me, don’t tell me. She quickly became a character I would consider a ‘throw-away” character as she was utterly forgettable simply based on the way she was introduced.

Nothing of note happened in this story. It suffered “second book syndrome” in the worse possible way. The pacing was brutally slow, too much detail was given on people/places/things that had no impact on the overall story. There was just so much potential with this book but it felt wasted. I nearly DNFd the book, and I probably should have. This was a struggle from start to finish.

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