Review: Goddess in the Machine

Goddess in the Machine (Goddess in the Machine, #1)

Like so many other readers, I was excited for this one. I had it as one of my most anticipated releases and could hardly contain my excitement! Sadly, this failed to deliver for me. I struggled to stay interested in what was going on for several reasons, the biggest being the made up language. That bothered me more than anything because it felt as if it brought the entire story down. The pacing slow down to a crawl and nothing the people said made sense. I shouldn’t have to fight so hard to figure out what is being said.

If it wasn’t the strain to figure out the people are saying, it was the main character constantly repeating herself. Andra was a tough character to get behind. I wanted to rally behind her but she didn’t make it easy. She constantly reminded the reader that she was a “fat” biracial character but never dove into what that meant or how it was truly relevant to the story. She was always fat-shaming herself but never had the character arc that turned her size into something positive, it was always negative for her. For all I knew she had a mental illness, like BDD, that caused her to see herself differently than how others see her. I was never given the backstory on where the label came from and that was frustrating.

The premise of the story itself was enticing but the delivery was expected. I saw the ending coming a mile away so I wasn’t surprised. I struggled too much with this first book to say if I will pick up the second or not. It’s sad because the cover is so striking.

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