Review: Valley Girls

Valley Girls

I went into this neutral and unsure of what would happen. I didn’t read any reviews so I could have a blank mental slate. That was probably the best thing because nearly all readers are split on this one. Some liked it, others did not. This will be a “either you love it or you won’t” type book. I am here to say I am on the did not enjoy it side.

I almost DNFd this book in the first 100 pages because I was bored. The plot was painfully slow and the characters were just as boring. Setting up the story is one thing, but going on about nothing at all is something else. The MC, Rilla, was moved to a state where outdoor adventures are a way of life , yet she doesn’t do any of that? She doesn’t rock climb or hike? Then why does she make friends with a group that loves to rock climb? I get that it was probably for a character arc but it came across cheesy and painfully predictable.

Sadly there were not a lot of redeeming qualities to this one. In the end it was not for me. The entire story was heavily laden with technical jargon for rocking climbing, most of which made zero sense. I did not read this to learn how to rock climb, I wanted to read a coming of age story. The ending was so rushed that it felt forced and written as an afterthought. I wish I had DNFd because this did not get better and I would not recommend to anyone.

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