Review: Tiger, Not Daughters

Tigers, Not Daughters

I was very excited for the opportunity to read this new novel by Mabry but I was disappointed with what I read. I struggled to connect to the character(s) and the story. I often found myself drifting in thought because I was not engaged in what was going on. That could be because this was a “magical realism” story and I do not enjoy those.

I did not like how each chapter was told from a different sister’s POV because they both sounded the same. It sounded like the same voice telling the entire story but I had to keep reminding myself that wasn’t the case. They both felt flat, shallow, and one dimensional.

This was a long story with nothing going on. With a story that already had lack luster characters, magical realism (something about a ghost?), and a whole lot of nothing, this became boring very quickly. It was just bland characters giving a play by play of their daily lives. I needed so much more than what I read.

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