Review: Rated


Anyone who knows me as a readers knows that I live for a good futuristic/dystopian story. The synopsis of this story alone checked those boxes. A society where anyone can affect your user rating and everything about you is tied to that rating might be closer than we think. It also sounded exactly like what I needed in my life, which is why I snagged a copy to devour. Well… what I read didn’t match the expectation I had in my head. While this was a fascinating premise and the world building was rather good, the story line itself fell flat. I kept waiting for the hook of the story to happen and sadly I had to wait until almost the very end of the story for it to present itself. The rest of the time I sat through so many characters being introduced. So. Many. Characters. Should they all have been there and given their own voices? No, they shouldn’t have. Having that many POV voices did not add to the story. I struggled to keep them all straight, most of the time wondering if I even needed to keep them all straight.

Grey certainly knows how to properly world build so I will not ever say she cannot do that. What she struggled with here was developing her characters and giving them arcs. One character was an anorexic figure skater and there was too much attention given to those things about her, but they did not have anything to do with the overall story. The topic of anorexia was also not discussed or addressed at all and that really bothered me. Another character was good at hacking, and another was good at studying. Whoopie. They were just boring, flat, one-dimensional characters. I felt nothing for them.

Am I upset I read this? Upset is strong but I’m disappointed in what I read. The ending was a total let down as nothing was revealed until the last few pages of the book. I do not like when that happens because it just feels like the author phoned in the end of the book. If this is a series I will not continue. I don’t care enough to find out what happens next.

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