Review: Super Fake Love Song

Super Fake Love Song

**I received a copy in exchange for my honest review**

I was so excited when Ir ecieved a copy of Yoon’s newest book as I loved his debut novel. Sadly, I did not connect or enjoy his sophomore novel as I had hoped, but I am glad I read it. I struggled to get behind Sunny’s determination to pretend to be something he isn’t in order to impress a girl. I’m not stranger to this premise, but I’m not the biggest fan of it. Sunny’s character had nothing to be ashamed of as he is a self-proclaimed nerd with some amazing friends and a great family. He and his friends had a somewhat successful video channel for DIY costumes/crafts/etc. He is introduced to a girl that he crushes on, she mistakes him for his “cooler” musician brother and he doesn’t correct her. I just don’t see how lying to impress a girl is ever a good idea…

I did not want to DNF this as I like Yoon’s writing style but it took me getting over half-way through to find my groove with this one. I did cringe a lot at the crazy (to me) thoughts Sunny had in justifying his actions. The romance with Cirrus felt a little bit forced so it wasn’t believable in my eyes. Maybe if they had started out as friends and let the romance happen naturally it would have been better. I was also disappointed that I wasn’t given the opportunity to learn more about Sunny’s family until the last few chapters of the story. I feel if we had been given more insight into his family early on, it would have made a difference.

Please know I’m trying to bash this book at all as I really did enjoy Yoon’s writing, I just did not enjoy this as much as I had hoped. I can see how other readers will devour and love this so I encourage everyone to give it a read.

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