Review: Super Fake Love Song

Super Fake Love Song

**I received a copy in exchange for my honest review**

I was so excited when Ir ecieved a copy of Yoon’s newest book as I loved his debut novel. Sadly, I did not connect or enjoy his sophomore novel as I had hoped, but I am glad I read it. I struggled to get behind Sunny’s determination to pretend to be something he isn’t in order to impress a girl. I’m not stranger to this premise, but I’m not the biggest fan of it. Sunny’s character had nothing to be ashamed of as he is a self-proclaimed nerd with some amazing friends and a great family. He and his friends had a somewhat successful video channel for DIY costumes/crafts/etc. He is introduced to a girl that he crushes on, she mistakes him for his “cooler” musician brother and he doesn’t correct her. I just don’t see how lying to impress a girl is ever a good idea…

I did not want to DNF this as I like Yoon’s writing style but it took me getting over half-way through to find my groove with this one. I did cringe a lot at the crazy (to me) thoughts Sunny had in justifying his actions. The romance with Cirrus felt a little bit forced so it wasn’t believable in my eyes. Maybe if they had started out as friends and let the romance happen naturally it would have been better. I was also disappointed that I wasn’t given the opportunity to learn more about Sunny’s family until the last few chapters of the story. I feel if we had been given more insight into his family early on, it would have made a difference.

Please know I’m trying to bash this book at all as I really did enjoy Yoon’s writing, I just did not enjoy this as much as I had hoped. I can see how other readers will devour and love this so I encourage everyone to give it a read.

ARC Review: Frankly In Love

Frankly in Love

This book slayed me. I mean… GUTTED me in the best way possible. Do not let this simple cover fool you – this book has been sent to destroy you. I’m going to do my best to give you a spoiler free review. Enjoy!

Frank Li wanted to find love and not with a girl that his parents pick for him. He had his eyes set on one in particular but she would never have his parents’ approval. So what does a good son like Frank do? He fakes a relationship with a girl his parents do approve of so he can pseudo-date the girl he really wants to date. What could possibly go wrong?

While this seemed like a simple book of “boy who wants to find love”, it is anything but that. The story that lies in between the pages of David Yoon’s debut will leave you in tears. Yoon tackled topics like racial profiling, privilege, culture, and more. He took a hard look at these hard hitting and sensitive topics and presented them with the grace and beauty they deserved. It was nothing short of masterful.

Frank Li, the protagonist in this story, was complex, gritty, real, flawed, and relatable. He was nothing more than an dork with a solid best friend that would help him hide a dead body if necessary who thought he knew what he wanted out of love and life, but life had other plans for him. He had moments where he was serious, others where his wit had me in tears with laughter, and yet more where he couldn’t say something without sticking his foot in his mouth. I wanted nothing more than to be his friend in real life. He was brilliant.

There really is so much I want to say about this book but I cannot because I won’t give anything away. GAH – it is SO DANG GOOD. Please, please get this when it comes out! I need people to gush with! It will leave you a bit spell-bound, wonder struck, and wondering how the hell this could be Yoon’s debut. The author writes like he’s done this a billion times before. This was everything I never knew I needed in a book.