ARC Review: What Goes Up by Katie Kennedy

What Goes Up


**Huge thanks to the publisher for sending me an ARC to review!**


After reading Katie Kennedy’s debut novel, Learning To Swear In America, I knew I found a new favorite author. I normally am not the biggest fan of science books but Katie has made me change my tune.

Short recap: Rosa and Eddie are two brilliant teenagers that are jockeying for a position on a NASA’s mysterious Multi-World Agency, for the coveted Team 3. The competition is stiff as there are hundreds of just as smart teens going after the same spot. Eddie and Rosa make the cut after strenuous testing and begin training. What they don’t expect during their training is for aliens to arrive on Earth looking exactly like we do. Eddie and Rosa do the unthinkable: steal the alien spacecraft and try to save their planet.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sci-fi adventure! I enjoyed the characters, the challenges they faced, and the crazy space travel to an alternate Earth. From the start I knew I was going to like Rosa and Eddie. These two characters felt real to me, as if they were people I would meet in real life. As a pair, these two just clicked. They worked in glorious harmony and it was so much fun to read. Anytime that dynamic duo was mentioned, I couldn’t help but smile. Rosa was full of OCD traits, proper upbringing, and trying to live up to her parents’ greatness, while Eddie was always trying to prove he was better this his family and his ghosts. It felt like pure magic the way they just fed off of each other. 

Some people may struggle with the fact this is set around NASA, outer space, and the idea of life on other planets. To that I say this – calm down. It’s a fiction story. Give it a chance! Especially this one – give this book a chance. It works. It works and flows so well that I was sad when the story was over. I was not ever bored or scratching my head at what was going on. It was easy to follow and just a fun adventure to be a part of. Kennedy nailed it out of the park with how she brought the idea of life on other planets into the story. She did so in such a natural way that I couldn’t see this story going any other direction. What this book did cause me to do when it was over was ask some questions of my own. Are we really alone in the universe? Could there be another universe that is set up exactly like ours except things are a little different based on decisions that were made? It’s a lot to think about!

It is no doubt that I loved this one. Kennedy has found a forever reader in me. I wish everyone would give this a chance and just have fun with it. The banter between Rosa and Eddie alone makes this worth reading. Please, add this to your TBR and come back to me to discuss. I’d love to hear what you thought of it.