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About the Book:

thumbnailTitle: PRINCESS OF THE ROSE

Author: K.L. Bone

Pub. Date: April 26, 2018

Publisher: K.L. Bone

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 316

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Of all the codes they teach us… those of duty, honor, trust, loyalty… none ever speak of love.

The story is well-known. A Lorcan princess, who died at the hands of a wicked prince. And the captain, whose quest for vengeance knew no bounds.
But what if her death had been an elaborate plot?

Instead of murder, Princess Liza is taken captive by the cruel-hearted Prince Nicholi, with the reluctant assistance of Captain Erik, of the Muir Court Guard. Focused entirely on his own aspirations, the prince demands Liza consent to become his rose bride, which would place both her eternal soul, and her kingdom, in his pitiless gasp.

As the prince awaits his answer with withering patience, Liza’s only comfort comes in a guarded friendship with the Muir captain; a man torn between obeying the sacred vows of knighthood and his desire to protect the princess he has come to love.

Enraged beyond reason when discovering Erik’s devotion to the woman he considers his property, Nicholi forces Liza to make an impossible choice.



Princess of the Rose:

Black Rose VI

 Chapter I

“Silver roses,” a child’s voice sang again, carried by salty winds. “Silver roses of the sea.” The song fell to gleeful giggles as the child skipped along the garden’s center, fingertips running across petals of prominent roses, avoiding protruding thorns with ease. When the girl reached the wall’s end, she laughed, waving an arm in a wide, sweeping gesture. “Touch the petals! precor!”

Unable to refuse the insistent plea, the woman to whom she called extended a hand toward the green thicket of unnatural vines clinging to ivory walls, thriving above white sand where no vegetation should exist. At her touch, the petals darkened, as if ink now drizzled over the flowers, cascading toward the center of partially opened blossoms, turning the silver roses to violet.

The child squealed in delight, observing the deep purple leap from flower to flower, transforming the blooms across the garden wall.

When the violet cascade reached her, the girl held out a hand and raced back down the wall, reversing the transformation, changing the roses back to an iridescent silvery-white.

Walking the garden’s path, the woman’s careful steps contrasted with the carefree movements of her young companion. Her feet sank into the uneven terrain while she struggled over coarse sand.

Once, the ocean had been a thing of beauty. Now, it held only pain.

Nevertheless, she walked steadily toward the crashing waves, moving beyond the garden across the expansive beach.

When she reached the water’s edge, she paused, standing close enough for the tide’s froth to lick the fringes of her azure gown that billowed in the cold wind.

She drew a breath of salty air, but it came to her lungs unsteady, broken.

Her mind wandered to the night it had all begun. The agony endured not only by herself, but by those she loved.

As the waves rolled in and out, silver crests upon the blue water, she welcomed the sting of swirling sand as it whistled around her.

“My lady,” a deep, gentle voice disrupted her solitude.

She closed her eyes at the sound. “You came.”

“Yes, my lady.” His voice conveyed a deep-seated pain.

“You’re here.”

His hand touched her shoulder. “mi amor.”

“You shouldn’t have come.”

The knight moved closer, allowing her to settle against his chest, in spite of the act’s forbidden nature.

She took a breath and reached for his hand, keeping her eyes on the cerulean waves.

precor. Please, my lady, hold on for me.”



About K.L:

KLK.L. Bone is a bestselling author of dark fantasy and paranormal romance. Her works include the bestselling Black Rose Guard dark fantasy series. The bestselling Flames of Kalleen paranormal romance series. The Rise of the Temple Gods fantasy series. And a stand-alone science fiction novel, The Indoctrination.

Bone has a master’s degree in modern literary cultures and is working toward her PhD. She wrote her first short story at the age of fifteen and grew up with an equally great love of both classical literature and speculative fiction. Bone has spent the last few years as a bit of a world traveler, living in California, London, and most recently, Dublin. When not immersed in words, of her own creation or studies, you’ll find her traveling to mythical sites and Game of Thrones filming locations.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads


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DNF Review: Beasts Made Of Night

Beasts Made of Night


This had been on my radar for a while before it became available through my library. Once I started it, I quickly discovered that it was not for me and I DNFd.

Short recap: I’m going to guess here. The MC is a magical person who is able to “eat sins” of people before they die. As a result, they are branded with a tattoo-like image on their skin.

That still sounds like a great premise since this story pulls from Nigerian storytelling and mythology. I just wish I could have connected to it or even gotten into it. Instead it never grabbed my attention. I found my mind wandering as the story continued, zoning out more and more. That is when I decided to DNF and cut my loses. The actual story telling is what caused me to not pay attention. I think I know what the author was trying to accomplish but I’m not entirely sure. The writing style itself lacked a sense of structure. Everything felt choppy and forced, nothing was actually fluid.

I couldn’t figure out the actual plot of the story so how could I force myself to sit through the entire story if I didn’t understand what it was all for. The characters were not explained or properly introduced. I know that the MC is a person named Taj but that is all I really know. I don’t know anything of substance about him and that bothered me.

This will not be a super long DNF review, but you get the idea of why I stopped reading. I tried so hard to listen and absorb what was going on but it didn’t work for me. This story did not work for me. I never connected, the plot and pacing were bad, the characters were nothing more than cardboard cutouts. If you read this story and liked it, please let me know! I am not trying to trash on the book, I’m just pointing out why I walked away from it.



Review: Twelve Steps To Normal

Twelve Steps to Normal


I struggled to get through this book. I know some readers will really connect with it and sing praises but I won’t be one of those readers.

Short recap: Kira has been living with her Aunt for almost a year. She was sent to live with her Aunt after her father’s drinking problem escalated and lives were in danger. She moves back in to try to work on fixing the relationship with her dad and get her life back.

Whoa howdy, this was a tough book. I don’t mean “tough book” in that it was emotionally draining and made me cry, I mean “tough book” in that I wanted to smack Kira constant for being a bitch. Her character was horrid. She was self centered, self-absorbed, nasty, negative, whiny, and just all round mean. There was no true redeeming quality to her. Her time in this book was spent plotting ways get her old life back by making a twelve step plan. That felt incredibly insensitive in my eyes. The Twelve Step program addicts go through is incredibly personal and serious, not to be used and mistreated the way Kira did. She spent time trying to get the attention of her ex-boyfriend, who was now dating one of her best friends. What kind of sick person does that?! Kira could not leave it alone! She was the one that broke up with him before she left! She also chose not to keep in touch with her best friends because she was embarrassed that her dad was an alcoholic. This girl was Satan’s spawn or close to it. What a nasty, ungrateful child.

When she wasn’t plotting to get her best friends back and her ex-boyfriend back, she was plotting ways to get her dad’s roommates (who were also recovering alcoholics) kicked out of the house. She never tried to get to know them even though they were nothing but nice and caring towards her. She was always making rude comments about how they needed to get jobs and move out. Apparently, sweetie, you don’t know how adulting or the real life works. Now granted, I will take a step back and say that Kira did not have an easy childhood as she spent most of her time hiding her dad’s drinking problem. Why she was never enrolled in ALANON after she was taken from her father’s care is beyond me. It was clear that she never offered treatment nor did she receive any type of counseling. I do believe that would have helped her tremendously. Instead she chose to be a bitch the entire time thinking she could just take back what was hers before and slide back into her old life.

That being said – told you I had a rant – Kira was the worst character. The other characters were actually pretty enjoyable: her dad’s housemates, her best friends, and former friends. They all tired so hard to look past Kira’s meanness and forgive. Sadly, it was not enough to overshadow a fraction of the mean that came from the MC.

I wish I had DNFd because I was not excited to read this story once I got a clear picture of the MC and her motives. I get that she wanted her dad back but c’mon! I found myself just rolling my eyes a lot and groaning with anger. Don’t be like me – if you feel the need to DNF, stop the book and move on. I wish I had. Just thinking of this book is upsetting me again.




Waiting on Wednesday: Tell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back #2)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine in which we share a book that we are eagerly anticipating!

This week’s pre-publication “can’t-wait-to-read” selection is:


Tell Me No Lies by A.V. Geiger

Tell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back #2)



From Goodreads:

Love. Obsession. Jealousy. Murder.

No one knows what happened to pop icon Eric Thorn. His Twitter account? Frozen. His cell phone? Cracked and bloody, buried in the snow.

Agoraphobic fangirl Tessa Hart knows the truth, but she’s finally left her #EricThornObsessed days behind. She has no intention of ever touching her Twitter app again. But Snapchat… That’s safer, right?

After months of living under the radar, Tessa emerges from hiding, forced to face the deadly consequences of her past. But in the interrogation room, answers only lead to more questions in the pulse-pounding conclusion to the Follow Me Back duology.


I’m not sure what else I can say about this other than PLEASE and THANK YOU. The first book made me scream at the end – SCREAM. I cannot wait to find out what happens next!


Lost Until You Blog Tour – Excerpt Post


Today we have the blog tour for Kimberly Daniels’ LOST UNTIL YOU! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!


Author: Kimberly Daniels

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Lost Until You:

Camryn Singer never imagined that she would return to the place where she lost everything. To grant a dying wish, she and her young son make the move back to the small Jersey beach town where she grew up, hoping to somehow find the missing pieces of her life. Determined to keep her heart guarded, the last thing she needs is the force that is sexy surfer, Cole Stevens, literally slamming into her life.

Struggling against growing feelings for Cole, Camryn tries to focus on life with her son. But when Cole picks the lock to her heart, Camryn knows he might be the one to change everything. Just when Camryn thinks she’s finally finding her happiness, a ghost from the past comes back to haunt her.

Get Your Copy Today!

Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | B&N | Evernight Publishing



Grabbing a striped beach blanket hanging over the side of the lifeguard stand, he reaches for my hand to lead me away. As the houses that line the beach begin to disappear from sight, I have an idea about where we are going. When we reach the inlet, Cole boosts me up on the jetty and then leads me to an opening that is hidden behind the flat-top rocks that are exposed to the rough waters. He unfolds the blanket and spreads it over the damp sand between the rocks that hide us. The privacy of this spot makes me wonder how many teenagers sneak here for heavy make-out sessions.

As a small laugh escapes me, I tease, “So how many women have you brought here and had your way with?”

He guides me down and places me gently against the blanketed sand. “None at this point. But I’m hoping I can add one to my list by the end of the day.”



About the Author:

Kimberly Daniels is a middle school English Teacher who took the advice of her students to pursue her writing hobby as a career. When she’s not at her laptop dreaming up new happily-ever-afters, she can be found glued to the TV or Kindle consumed with a new show or book addiction. She lives with her husband and two daughters in in the suburbs of Philadelphia, spending weekends at basketball games, softball fields, and dance recitals.


Connect with Kimberly:

Website | FB Page | FB Profile | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books With My Favorite Color On Cover (GREEN)

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Every week they have a different theme for bloggers to post their top tens about, and this week I’m listing…

 Books With My Favorite Color On Cover (GREEN)


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)




Splintered (Splintered, #1)



The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #1)



Independent Study

Independent Study (The Testing, #2)



The Glass Arrow

The Glass Arrow




Outpost (Razorland, #2)




Insurgent (Divergent, #2)



Lock & Mori

Lock & Mori (Lock & Mori, #1)



City of Bones

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)



Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)



This was tough! What is your favorite color? What book covers have your favorite color on them? Let me know!


ARC Review: Moonrise



**I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review**


Do not Sarah Crossan books fool you. They are quick reads as they are written in verse, but holy cow they pack a heck of a punch. I have yet to read one of her books that I walk away from not sobbing. She has done it again with Moonrise.

Short recap: Joe has not had an easy childhood. Everything got worse for him and his sister after their brother, Ed, was sent to Death Row for murder. Ed’s execution date has been sent and Joe realizes that he needs to make up for lost time. Joe packs the few possessions he has and boards a bus for Texas. While in the very small country town, Joe begins to discover more about himself and as much time as he can with his brother that he won’t have for much longer.

This is a quick read of a story but it will absolutely stay with you for a long time after you put the book down. It did that to me. I still have not stopped thinking about it. I did not expect to be so emotionally vested in this story. Crossan did a brilliant job of conveying all of the emotions in so few words so that you can actually feel Joe’s pain, his sadness, his hopelessness. I quickly found myself cheering along with Joe for his brother’s pardon and for things to work out for Joe. I also cheered for him after he was given the chance he needed to acquire a job, something he desperately needed.

Joe was marvelously written. I found myself wanting to reach through the pages and hug him all of the time. I wanted to be able to tell him that he would be okay, everything would work out. He was brutally flawed and complex in a way that made him that much more believable. He only wanted to make things better for him and his family but life kept finding a way to hold him back far enough for things to be out of his read. It was painful and gut-wrenching to read about everything Joe and his siblings went through but life is not always nice and does not always play fair.

I really am trying not to give anything away with this story. As you can see, I am struggling to find the right words to properly describe how much I loved this story. I really want everyone to give this a chance. This is the second Crossan story I’ve ever read and it was just as powerful as the first. I am now a lifetime fan and want everyone to read her books.