Review: There’s Something About Sweetie

There's Something About Sweetie (Dimple and Rishi, #2)

It is no secret that I have had a rough relationship with Menon’s books. Either I was not in the right mood to read them or I was just not the right reader. Either way, I adore the author and chose to give her third book a chance. I’m happy to say I did enjoy this more than the first two but I still had some issues with it.

The main thing I want to point out about this novel is that it was a wonderful and important #ownvoices book. The diversity found within the pages was outstanding. The protagonist, Sweetie, was excellent, powerful, and strong. She felt like a motivational leader, one that could inspire young readers to stand fast in their beliefs and know their self worth. While she was strong, she was still very insecure. I don’t know if that was included simply to move the story along and make her come across more relateable but it felt like that was all she did in her own head was comment about her body size. But to her friends and family, she was outspoken and confident about her size… so which was it? I know that may seem minor but it stood out in my head.

As for the rest of the characters, not so much. I did not enjoy Ashish’s character much. He did not feel genuine in my eyes. Everything he did and said felt forced, choppy, unbelievable, and just downright extreme. His POV chapters had me rushing to get through them because I wanted to hear from Sweetie’s POV instead. Ashish and the forced love triangle with his ex was not necessary. I saw everything about that hot mess coming a mile away.

This was a super quick and fluffy read so there was not much slowing the pace down. I already mentioned the unnecessary plot with the ex and I found myself mentally drifting away when that topic came up. I did not care what happened because it had been played out hundreds of times in other books. One part of the book that I would have liked to know more about was Sweetie’s mom’s history. Maybe a little more info on her backstory would have helped explain why she was so incredibly hung up on Sweetie’s weight. I get the, “I want what is best for you!” mentality, but there had to be a deeper reason why her mom was focused on her daughter’s weight in a negative way.

While I enjoyed this more than the first two books, I still could not fall madly in love with it. I tried, I really did. I had my issues, I rolled my eyes a lot, I shook my head. I won’t be highly recommending to anyone but I won’t push someone away from it either. It fell somewhere near the “meh, it was alright” on my lists. I believe I will still continue to read Menon’s books, hoping that the next one I read hits me right in the feels.


Waiting on Wednesday: Capturing the Devil

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine in which we share a book that we are eagerly anticipating!

This week’s pre-publication “can’t-wait-to-read” selection is:

Capturing The Devil by Kerri Maniscalco

Capturing the Devil (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #4)

From Goodreads:

In the shocking finale to the bestselling series that began with Stalking Jack the Ripper, Audrey Rose and Thomas are on the hunt for the depraved, elusive killer known as the White City Devil. A deadly game of cat-and-mouse has them fighting to stay one step ahead of the brilliant serial killer—or see their fateful romance cut short by unspeakable tragedy.

Audrey Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Cresswell have landed in America, a bold, brash land unlike the genteel streets of London they knew. But like London, the city of Chicago hides its dark secrets well. When the two attend the spectacular World’s Fair, they find the once-in-a-lifetime event tainted with reports of missing people and unsolved murders.

Determined to help, Audrey Rose and Thomas begin their investigations, only to find themselves facing a serial killer unlike any they’ve heard of before. Identifying him is one thing, but capturing him—and getting dangerously lost in the infamous Murder Hotel he constructed as a terrifying torture device—is another.

Will Audrey Rose and Thomas see their last mystery to the end—together and in love—or will their fortunes finally run out when their most depraved adversary makes one final, devastating kill?

Is this on your TBR? Let me know!


Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Redesigns ~ The Good and The Bad


  Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Every week they have a different theme for bloggers to post their top tens about, and this week I’m listing…          

The Good and The Bad

I am posting the ORIGINAL covers, not the redesign. Let me know which ones you think should NOT have been redesigned.

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)
Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)
Top Ten
City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)
Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1)
An Ember in the Ashes (An Ember in the Ashes, #1)
Seafire (Seafire, #1)
The Winner's Kiss (The Winner's Trilogy, #3)
Labyrinth Lost (Brooklyn Brujas, #1)
Undead Girl Gang

Review: How To Make Friends With The Dark

How to Make Friends with the Dark

After reading Girl in Pieces by Glasgow and meeting her in person, I knew I would forever read anything she wrote. This author has the ability to write from a deep place within her soul that speaks directly to my soul. There were times I felt she was talking directly to me or speaking about my life because I had experienced so many of these emotions, thoughts, and feelings. This book left me in tears and am grateful it is out in the world.

This was the story of Tiger and how she learned to navigate the rough waves of emotion, loss, grief, depression and so much more after the loss of her mother. The life before her mother’s passing was all Tiger knew, but now she needed to find a new way to survive. She found a way and it was not all pretty. It was gritty, dirty, gut wrenching, beautiful, powerful, and heart breaking.

It cannot and will not ever be easy to write grief into a book. Those are incredibly specific emotions that are either done right or done wrong – there is no in between. Glasgow did this book right. I speak from the experience of having lost both of my parents, both were taken too soon. That was why I related and connected to Tiger on a much deeper level than I had imaged possible. While this story brought up some rather painful memories and emotions, it was such a moving story that I could not stop reading. I had to know what happened to Tiger. I wanted so much for her. I wanted to give her a hug, a warm meal, a warm bed, shelter, kind words, whatever she needed.

The main thing that stood out to me about this emotional book was the honesty within the pages. Glasgow did not shy away from true feelings her character was going through. Tiger’s character was battling depression, suicidal thoughts, helplessness, being shuffled from foster home to foster home, and a lot of other mental health issues. None of those are easy topics but again, Glasgow handled them with the care and grace they deserved. She did not add them to the story simply for shock factor. She addressed them and gave them the attention they needed.

You all know me by now – that when I love a book it is difficult for me to write a review. This really is no different. I loved every word and would not trade one tear of what went through (while reading the book and in real life) for something easier. Tiger’s character was supposed to go through trials and tribulations to come out stronger on the other side, as did I. If you have been thinking about reading this one, this is me pushing you over the edge to read it. It won’t be an easy read but my goodness it is worth it.

Books Left Unread #180


Books Left Unread

Welcome to my blog post where I talk about the books I have been meaning to read, but just have not yet. You know what I am talking about – the books that have remained unread for various reasons yet when you see them you think, “You know, I really need to read that.” Instead you get distracted by another book, series, or something in your TBR pile. It happens to the best of us. I want to spotlight those books in the hope that I can persuade myself to move them up on my TBR list.

This week’s post is dedicated to:

The Haters by Jesse Andrews

The Haters

Gah, no good reason I haven’t read this yet. Have you read it?


ARC Review: Hello Girls

Hello Girls

I want to ask for your forgiveness up front. I know this review will be a struggle for me to write as I loved this book with every ounce of my being and will trip over my words. I know I will not be able to properly express my thoughts & feelings in the right way so please have patience with me.

This was the story of two girls from different social circles and backgrounds who found their way to each other and formed the most concrete bond imaginable. Winona was the daughter of the city’s beloved weatherman, Stormy. While he may portray the picture perfect and doting father, what goes on behind closed doors would make skin crawl. Lucille had to grow up too fast. Her mother and brother were basically worthless and if it wasn’t for Lucille, nothing would be taken care of. When both have reached the end of their sanity, they wind up at the same place at the same time and immediately spark a friendship. These two have no idea how important the other will become to them. Determined to break free from the horrors they are individually living, they leave town with nothing more than a few bucks, a boat load of sarcasm, and a Can Do! attitude. What happens to them along the way will only prove that what doesn’t kill them will only make them stronger. Deeper in or dead.

I had no idea I could ship a friendship as hard as I do this one. These were two of the most amazing characters I have read in a very, very long time. While both were from completely different backgrounds and could not be more opposite if they tried, they worked. Hot diggity damn they worked. The were the ying to the other’s yang. I could not get enough of them. Both Winona and Lucille were deeply complex and beautifully flawed. They felt like two girls I would give my left arm to be friends with. While they had gone through hell and back at too young of an age, they still kept a sharp wit about them. They were not afraid to realize nobody was going to save them but themselves.

There are trigger warnings that should be mentioned: abuse (both physical and verbal), manipulation, drug use, murder

That being said, the plot of this story was mind blowing in the best way possible. It was action packed and fast paced. I am not going to give anything away because I want you to read it.

I devoured this book in two days and it pained me to have to stretch it that long. I almost called in sick to work just so I could stay home to read this one. Mother of Pearl I was invested hook, line, and sinker. This book had every ounce of me and never let go. Heck, I’m still thinking about this one!

Please, please, please add this to your TBR now. It releases soon and I urge you to get a copy on release day. You will NOT be disappointed! I need someone to gush with about this iconic duo!