ARC Review: Steel Tide

Steel Tide (Seafire, #2)

I could hardly wait until the next book in this series came out because I loved… loved Seafire so much. This series is proving to be such a sleeper powerhouse and I’m thrilled that it is happening. It is full of badass females, action packed scenes, and no forced romance (WHOO!).

Book 2 picked up right where Book 1 ended. Caledonia had been gravely injured during her epic battle, lost her ship, and lost her crew. What else does she have? Determination – that’s what. She had been rescued and taken in by the most unlikely of groups – former Bullets known as Blades. Caledonia teamed up with the Blades and set out with the plan to take back her crew she called her sisters, and her ship, if possible. On top of that, she wanted… no, needed to find out what happened to her brother Donnelly and if she could save him at the same time. Does Caledonia have a few tricks left up her sleeve? Can she pull this all off?

This was such a wild roller coaster of an adventure! I had no idea Parker could take a female pirate crew and turn it into one of the most action packed adventure I’ve read in the longest time. The cast was just as brilliantly written in this book as they were in the first. They all continue to grow, learn, develop, and mature while still retaining their flaws that made them come across relateable and human. Caledonia was and will forever be my most favorite lead female character. She rose to nearly every challenge she was faced with with humility, confidence, and determination. Those alone were admirable enough. The fact that she was also realistic and believable. She knew the dangers she would put herself and the new crew in, but she didn’t force anyone to do anything they were not comfortable with. Then, if the situation changed, she would step back, reassess and make a new plan. Brilliant. The rest of the characters were just as enjoyable, especially Pine and Triple.

The pacing of the story was masterfully done. Dare I say this book could possibly outshine the first in the series? This did not read like a second book in a series, nor did it suffer from second book syndrome. It was everything I always needed a second book to be. Parker did not let me down and I’m grateful for that.

As you can tell, I’m struggling to write this review because this book was just SO GOOD! Plus, I don’t want to give anything away! I want you to read this series and gush about these characters, this world, this story as much as I am. Please put it on your TBR if you have not already.

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