ARC Review: All Your Twisted Secrets

All Your Twisted Secrets

I hope you are ready for one heck of a wild ride because that’s exactly what you can expect from this new thriller from Diana Urban. Urban did not start this story sweet and simple, she hit you with the good stuff right out of the gate. She immediate went into the girth of the story with the force of a bull in a China shop and didn’t let up the entire time. Did I care? Absolutely not. I was here for the thrill and the edge of my seat story telling that Urban has mastered.

While there are six characters in this story, Amber is the main voice. Don’t let that detour you. Every character has their own distinct personality, voice, and is very well developed. Some of the characters I felt bad for, others I wanted to smack in the face with a rusty crowbar. I always thought I knew who was ultimately responsible but then Urban threw something out of left field that I never saw coming.

The timeline of this one was a back/ forth, past/present setting so be prepared for that. Rest assured that it was not confusing, it was the prefect set up and delivery for this type of story. I really – REALLY – am not going to give anything away because I want you to read this. Just know that I loved this story, I really enjoyed the fast-paced story, and could not get enough of these believable characters. If this isn’t already on your TBR – why not? Add it now and thank me later.

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