Review: Rule

Rule (Rule, #1)


I won’t say I had high expectations with this book but there was some level of expectation. I’m saddened to report that this book fell flat in every way it could. Nothing about this book stood out or even came close to dazzling me. This was the textbook definition of “unforgettable”.

Short recap: The King has brought three girls before him, all from varying backgrounds. They are told they are his bastard children and they will all have to fight to the death for the chance to rule his kingdom.

Not exactly a promising plot, is it? We are not given a real chance to know any of the girls properly as their POV chapters change so often. They were all very underdeveloped and weak at best. Of course none of them trust the other and for good reason. They did not start letting their guard down with the others until the very end of the book, but by then I had no cares to give.

The action or suspense was sub-par so I won’t talk much about it. There were romances for each of the girls but they felt forced and unnecessary. It felt like the author was simply checking boxes for specific topics to be covered. It was all out of place and did nothing to help further the story along. I kept hoping the story would get better but it never did. I wish I had DNFd because this was bad.

Overall, this was a weak sauce attempt at a fantasy book. I’m sure it was supposed to be full of magic, suspense, and romance but none of that felt developed. It was just … there. Nothing stood out. Like I mentioned, this was an utterly forgettable story. I would not recommend to anyone nor will I continue with the series.



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