ARC Review: Skyhunter

Skyhunter (Skyhunter, #1)

**I received copy in exchange for my honest review**

I have never been shy in telling people that Marie Lu is one of my favorite authors. I found her by accident many years ago while walking through Target and my eyes landed on Legend. That chance encounter changed my reading habits, preferences, and more. Lu’s latest novel checked all of the boxes in my eyes: scifi dystopian, fast paced story, gripping story line, relatable and developed characters, edge of my seat ending… what more can you want?!

Mara is one member of an elite fighting force made up primarily of teens. Why teens? Because the turnover and mortality rate is rather high. They are living in time where war-machine monsters have been created and when an experimentation gets lose, all bets are off. Mara will have to join forces with the most unlikely person…

I devoured this book. Sci-fi dystopian stories are right up my alley and I cannot get enough of them (recommendations for more are always welcome!). The pace and the plot and the delivery were masterfully done. Once I started I ignored everything else. I was captivated because I just had to know what was going to happen next. I needed to know what was building between Mara and Talin (will they? won’t they?).

Speaking of Mara and Talin… the characters were very well developed yet flawed. I may say that a lot but when I do I mean it. Reading about a flawed character helps me connect to the overall story more. This story felt more action driven than character driven and I was okay with that… it worked so well. Don’t get me started on that ending… it pains me that I have to wait so long for the next book.

Do I recommend this? HECK YES. Please add this to your TBR if you have not already. This is one series you don’t want to miss.

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